In the framework of the project « feed a fasting person », we distribute Iftar meals to Syrian and Palestinian widows and orphans, who fled to Lebanon to escape persecution, war and bloodshed.

Salsabil always puts an emphasis on helping the oppressed, even though it is not possible to help them all. Nonetheless, we work as hard as we can in accordance to the donations, we receive from you, ever since 2013 and currently active in 18 countries.

May Allah reward you immensely for your participation and your trust, may Allah accept your fasts and our fasts, and may He render your donations and our deeds solely for seeking His acceptance, and may He rid us of arrogance.

Today at 12 pm, the donations for the project « feed a fasting person » will be stopped as Ramadhan is coming to an end, so you have a few more hours left to donate 3€ for one Iftar.

Beirut – feed the fasting person