Local partners of Salsabil provided medical assistance to refugees and those in need in the North of Syria.

The Takaful Foundation mobilized a medical team who received and consulted 2,000 people in tent camps in the Darkush region. Medicine for chronic diseases was delivered.

Medicine for asthma, allergies and antipyretics was delivered, also medicine for those suffering from heart disease.

Doctors were provided to children in need of  injections. The children also received  sweets and toys, to their great delight.

Salsabil has been providing medical care to people in needy countries for several years now. With your financial support and with the help of Allah, we have paid for the services of doctors in Africa and the Middle East on multiple occasions.

Over the past three years we have sent several convoys of medical supplies to Syrian clinics. Highly functional medical beds, ultrasound machines and much more were generously provided by a Belgian hospital.

All projects and reports on these donations are available on our website and on our pages in social networks.

Your financial participation in Salsabil projects has helped save hundreds of thousands of people from hunger, cold, thirst and disease. May Allah provide blessings from you and from us.

Medical aid project in Syria (Ramadan-2020)