Peace be upon you!

We are glad to announce the launch of the project « Adha 2019 ». The amount for one sacrifice is 100 € and they will be taking place in Niger.

Adha is a strongly recommended Sunnah, and leaving it is heavily disliked for a Muslim.

The donations will be accepted until August 14th 2019. We underline the importance of donating on time and not delaying it until the deadline. Last minute donations create many issues in terms of organization.

In case you had no choice but to donate last minute, between August 12th and 14th, we ask you to send us a payment confirmation per WhatsApp on this number: +33 7 51 08 19 54.

This step is necessary because money transfers do not happen instantly, and your donation might go unseen and not taken into account on time.

You may also use the same number to ask for additional information about the project « Adha – 2019 ».

Lastly, we would like you to be cautious and careful concerning donations to uncertain bank accounts. Humanitarian funds are not allowed to ask for donations on regular bank accounts. At Salsabil, we only accept donations on our official account.


Below you can watch our video of the previous project Adha.

Salsabil Launches Project «Adha 2019»