1618Zakat Al-Fitr

Zakat al-fitr – alms giving alms – is charity, which must be paid to needy Muslims before the holiday of Uraza-Bayram.
The payment of zakat al-fitra is a mandatory act (wajib) for all Muslims who have a greater fortune than to provide for themselves, their families and servants food and clothing for the festive day and night.
The head of the family pays alms for all members of his family who are in his care. In addition, zakat al-fitr is obligated to pay also a non-Muslim (kafir) for those Muslims, whom he is obliged to provide with food (father, children, slaves, etc.).
In connection with the hunger in the African countries, the Salsabil Association annually buys food products for the money sent to Zakat al-fitr and distributes it among the poor and needy.