Since 2013, the Salsabil Association has been expanding its humanitarian activities in numerous African countries.

Our projects in Niger, Chad, Benin, Somalia, Togo, and others all aim to improve the living conditions of the neediest.

Unfortunately, the African continent faces many social and economic problems, leading to famines, water shortages, diseases, and a lack of medical assistance.

Our activities in Africa are diverse, as we organize food programs, build sociocultural centers and classrooms, build water wells, sponsor orphans, and more.

The steady and permanent presence of our association on the African continent is justified primarily by the vastness of its territory and the inability, caused by the lack of resources and materials, of international humanitarian organizations to meet the needs of all African residents. This is why our primary focus is on this continent.

Our main concern is the lack of clean water, food, the high mortality rate among pregnant women and young children due to food shortages.

This is an extremely urgent situation that requires special attention and appropriate financial support.

You can contact us through the WhatsApp number provided in the Contacts section if you’d like more information about this project. To make a donation, you can directly visit the “Donate” section and choose the specific project.