The Salsabil Association has been carrying out numerous projects since 2013 in over a dozen underdeveloped countries affected by humanitarian, economic, geopolitical, and climatic crises.

Throughout the year, we provide assistance to the needy in the most challenging situations.

The aid is delivered by the association in the form of food projects, well construction, assistance to refugees victimized by oppression, support for orphans, education projects, sociocultural center construction, among others.

Over time, each region where we operate requires varying degrees of urgent help.

It is within this framework that we organize projects to ensure that aid is distributed fairly across regions.

With the “Alms” project, you entrust us with the responsibility and the opportunity to organize humanitarian projects in regions that need it most at the time. Thus, the location of our humanitarian missions and the nature of the projects will be meticulously studied and adapted to provide aid effectively in the right place and at the right time.

Therefore, the funds collected for this project allow us to choose the project and the location where we can strengthen our assistance.

We regularly publish the results of our completed projects on our website and social media.

Please know that every donation is important and greatly helps the needy, regardless of the amount.

You can contact us through the WhatsApp number provided in the Contacts section if you’d like more information about this project. To make a donation, you can directly visit the “Donate” section and choose the specific project.