Financial aid to the needy

With the “Financial Aid to the Needy” project, you have the opportunity to donate a portion of your wealth that we will distribute among the eight categories of needy individuals that we are responsible for helping.

We will distribute this financial aid in the countries where we operate.

Here are some of the categories that will receive this financial aid:

The destitute: These are those who cannot find anything to live on and cannot seek sustenance themselves, or they find only a part of it but insufficient.

The poor: Their condition is better than that of the destitute; the poor are those who find almost enough to live on or half of it.

Heavily indebted needy individuals who do not have the means to provide for their basic needs and those of their families.

In summary, beneficiaries of this financial aid will include orphans, poor families with no means of livelihood, individuals who are unable to work due to illness, single mothers raising their children, and more.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and the Salsabil Association will fairly allocate your donations for this project. We reserve the right to determine the choice of the country and the category of the needy who will benefit from this aid, depending on the current situation and based on the projects we have already undertaken to ensure that the distribution of these donations is done in the fairest manner.

You can contact us through the WhatsApp number provided in the Contacts section if you’d like more information about this project. To make a donation, you can directly visit the “Donate” section and choose the specific project.


To calculate the amount of Zakat, use the calculator located below: