Emergency fund

 When a disaster occurs, the Salsabil Association mobilizes to provide assistance to the most vulnerable populations and help them recover.

Today, many people are still victims of disasters and humanitarian crises, including conflicts and sometimes violent oppressions. The victims and refugees of these conflicts find themselves in extremely difficult situations, often lacking the means to live and meet their basic needs.

Refugees from these humanitarian crises, especially in Yemen, Palestine, and Syria, are among the most affected and often lack means of sustenance.

The Salsabil Association acts on its scale to alleviate the difficulties of these peoples affected by disasters and conflicts, providing humanitarian aid to meet their basic needs as best as we can. We organize numerous humanitarian projects for the oppressed, distributing food, water, providing emergency shelters, medical supplies, and taking care of orphans, among other efforts.

As communities sink deeper into poverty and the control of violence and diseases becomes more challenging, many crises around the world remain neglected and underfunded.

Every week, communities around the globe face new crises, most of which do not make headlines. That’s why our emergency fund is of paramount importance, allowing us to respond quickly to the most needy communities.

We are also present when families become trapped in conflict or when natural disasters occur. Our intervention is swift and targeted, aiming to provide aid where it is most needed and at the right time. Our response is not limited to media-covered crises; our local teams support communities whenever they are affected by hunger, drought, floods, displacement, and other localized emergencies. This is how our emergency fund saves lives.

Contributing to our emergency fund ensures that when a disaster strikes, we can immediately intervene by providing survivors with water, food, emergency shelter, and more.

Unfortunately, many crises do not end as quickly as they begin, which is why we regularly continue our efforts in the most affected areas.

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Contribute to changing this reality by supporting individuals in their moments of great vulnerability. Make a donation to our Emergency Fund and join us in our efforts to save and ease the lives of refugees who are victims of these emergency situations.

We will allocate your donations where the situation requires it most at the time.

You can contact us through the WhatsApp number provided in the Contacts section if you’d like more information about this project. To make a donation, you can directly visit the “Donate” section and choose the specific project.