The Salsabil Association has committed to the Rohingya people, an ethnic minority in Myanmar (Burma), who have been subjected to severe repression by the government.

The Rohingyas, inhabitants of the Arakan province in Myanmar, have been living for decades while being deprived of their most fundamental rights.

The authorities in power have consistently refused to recognize the Rohingyas as an ethnic group, denying them citizenship rights and even the freedom to move freely within the country.

Following several tragic events due to repression and sometimes deadly violence against this people, refugee camps have been established to accommodate the Rohingyas. However, these camps do not provide sustainable living conditions. The Rohingyas have no access to social assistance, healthcare, or the right to education.

For several years, the Salsabil Association has been striving to help the Rohingya people. Thus, we have already been able to visit the area and provide support to the inhabitants of the Arakan province during a humanitarian mission.

Currently, we continue to closely monitor the situation of thisminority in the region, initially providing them withmedical aid, food, and clothing distribution.

As of 2023, the situation for the Rohingya has not improved significantly; oppression persists, and refugees still live in very difficult conditions.

The Salsabil Association is doing everything possible to raise awareness and support for the Rohingya cause.

We are also active in Bangladesh, where there are Rohingya refugee camps in dire circumstances without real means of subsistence.

We have also provided aid in Pakistan, with our latest project assisting flood victims in 2022, which impacted millions of people.

You can help us in this cause by donating to fund our various projects in these regions.

You can contact us through the WhatsApp number provided in the Contacts section if you’d like more information about this project. To make a donation, you can directly visit the “Donate” section and choose the specific project.