Helping orphans is one of the main projects of Salsabil. Children from different countries from Africa and the Middle East are under our care. One has to understand what kind of guardianship we offer. The children remain in their countries, with their guardians, and are not taken anywhere. We do not offer adoption services. The means to take care of these orphans are provided by our sponsors.

One who wishes to become an orphan’s guardian may do so by choosing the rubric “Orphans” on our website and select one/several orphan(s). Once the form is filled out, it is sent to our orphan manager who works on the project and who will send an identification number in return. With this number, the sponsor may contact us to ask about the child, and if wanted, invest in additional expenses.

The monthly contribution for an orphan is 40€. This amount serves to take care of the child for one month.

After significant delays and debts that have occurred with some of our sponsors, from 2016 on, Salsabil has established new rules. From then on, those who wish to take an orphan under their monthly care, have to respect one of the following rules:

1. Activate automatic money transfer to our account, specifying the orphan’s ID, and making it a monthly transaction.

2. Pay in advance for the next 3 months the amount of 120€, money that will be transferred to the child.

3. If the sponsor has trouble paying the amount mentioned above, he may pay 40€ every month, until the necessary amount sums up (120€).

For further questions regarding the “Orphans” project, you may contact us by filling out the form in the rubric CONTACTS  on our website, or simply send us a WhatsApp message on the following number: +33781249599.

Salsabil would like to thank all of our sponsors and ask everyone to pay particular attention to this project.

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