The humanitarian project “Orphans,” initiated since the founding of the Salsabil Association, is one of our top priorities. Indeed, we take care of children in many countries around the world, such as Lebanon, which hosts many refugees, including Syrian and Palestinian orphans, Somalia, Niger, Benin, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, where Chechen orphans live, as well as Turkey. The Salsabil Association is committed to these children to enable them to grow up with dignity and in good conditions while residing in their countries of origin. However, we emphasize that we have no authority regarding the adoption of these orphans.

Anyone wishing to sponsor an orphan can do so by referring to our website, in the “Orphans” section. Once you choose the child you wish to sponsor, you must fill out a form, which will be forwarded to the project manager who will process your request. You will then receive an identifying number (ID) that will allow you to contact us to get updates on the child you are supporting.

However, we want to clarify that certain information is strictly confidential and will never be disclosed for security reasons.

The monthly amount for sponsoring a child is currently set at €40. This amount will ensure good living conditions for the orphan and provide them with everything they need for one month.

Furthermore, due to delays and irregular payments from some of our donors, the Salsabil Association has been compelled to introduce new procedures. Starting from January 1, 2016, anyone wishing to sponsor a child must commit to the following three points:

  1. Authorize automatic debits from their bank account, amounting to €40 monthly, to the Salsabil Association’s bank account. Please also include the child’s identifying number (ID).
  2. When subscribing to your sponsorship commitment, you will be asked for a sum of €120, which covers three months of support for a child.
  3. However, if you are unable to pay this amount in one go, you can make monthly transfers of €40 until reaching €120.

Finally, for any questions related to the “Orphans” project, please refer to the ” CONTACTS” section available on our website or reach us via WhatsApp at the following number: +33 7 81 24 95 99.