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Salsabil provides humanitarian assistance in various parts of the world. We build wells, aid refugees, and provide for the needy in the world’s poorest countries. We offer medical assistance in conflict and disaster areas. We are responsible for more than 500 orphans.

It’s important for you, dear donors, to know that the activities of the Salsabil Association incur costs, sometimes quite significant. Renting our offices in Strasbourg, compensating Salsabil employees, expenses related to the implementation and coordination of our projects all contribute to our ongoing expenses. And we shoulder these ongoing expenses, which is a heavy burden.

The collaborators of the Salsabil Association have a very heavy workload. The department responsible for well construction alone receives and sends a mountain of correspondence daily.

It’s important to us that donations reach their beneficiaries safely and that the quality of services provided is the best possible. Therefore, to monitor the implementation of our projects, we go to the field and, respectively, bear the transportation costs. It’s important to inform you that your donations have been distributed as you intended, which constitutes a significant expenditure.

Our Strasbourg office has assisted over 1.4 million people in need in 10 years. We believe this good work should continue. If you agree with us, support us!

Your donations under the “Support Salsabil” category greatly facilitate the realization of projects and the continuation of our activities.

By donating to help and support the Salsabil Association, you become an accomplice in our actions and deserve as much credit as our team.

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