Did you know that there are over 400 orphans under our sponsorship? Those are children from the poorest countries of the world. Every month, we pay them an allowance of 39 €. On holidays, we buy them presents and help out with school supplies every new school year. No efforts or means are spared for this precious project.

Ever since our creation 5 years ago, we provide humanitarian aid in various parts of the world. We build wells in Africa and housings in Asia, we provide food and hygiene products in war-torn areas and regions affected by natural disasters.

For the past 5 years, our office in Strasbourg furnished relief to over 1 million people. We believe we must continue with this beneficial work, and if you agree with us, then support us!

Every project we work on carries considerable expenses that we take on ourselves, which turns into a heavy burden. The desk that works on the « Orphans » project alone sends out and receives heaps of correspondences daily.

It is very crucial to us that the donations arrive at their destination with no harm or loss, and we try our best to choose the most qualitative services. Therefore, in order to control and overview the outcome of our projects, we travel and personally monitor the work, which results in additional transport fees. It is important to point out that your donations are strictly intended for a specific project, and these expenses are not part of it.

By donating to the management of Salsabil, you take part in our activity and get rewarded for all of our projects simultaneously. With His endless mercy and generosity, Allah will certainly reward you for your efforts. It is said in an authentic Hadith: « Allah helps his slave as long as the slave helps his brother in faith ».


May Allah have mercy upon you and recompense you abundantly.

Support us!