Peace be upon you brothers and sisters.

Our presentations in several European countries carried an important goal, which was to make our activity for the past 5 years known to the public. We also answered some questions, the most frequent one being: why does Salsabil not help the Vaynakh (Chechen-Ingush)? You may have heard of it or even asked this question yourself.

Please watch this short video and see for yourself. Salsabil provides aid to the Chechens and the Ingush as much as reasonably possible. The project « Chechen refugees » is part of our projects ever since the beginning of our activity, and within 5 years, 30 000€ were donated to this cause. This is a tremendously small amount, but the donations do not belong to us and we cannot distribute the budget as we like.

Our aid goes out according to your donations, which means that we invest in the project that you have chosen to donate to, be it in Africa or in the Caucasus. Another pertinent point is that our donators are not exclusively Chechens and Ingush, we receive a lot of donations transferred from other Muslim republics of Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Therefore, stating the opinion that we are firstly bound to help our own, is misplaced and careless.


Keep in mind that with such statements, you carry the responsibility for Muslims, whichever their origin or skin colour may be. May Allah be satisfied with you and us, and may He multiply the rewards for your charity and our efforts, and may He forgive us all our mistakes and not let us become indifferent and ungrateful.

Salsabil presentations in European countries