In 2018, by the mercy of the Almighty, Salsabil had the opportunity to provide humanitarian aid to the Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. For this project, we had announced a fundraising back in October, but at that time we were already in the country and we could personally observe the dire needs of these people.

The refugees represent a fourth of the total Lebanese population, and the government is not capable of providing any kind of support. Education, work and long term housing are not even to mention. Even for the soil on which the refugees install their tents, they have to pay rent to the landlords.

Salsabil delivered food, warm blankets and mattresses to the needy in various refugee camps. In total, we provided aid to 140 families.

We additionally carried out our « orphans » project, and our partners provided us with more than 200 files of children who lost one or both parents.


If you wish to take part in the fate of these children, follow this link and choose the file of an orphan who you wish to support. For further details about the « Orphans » project, you may read here.

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our call and took part in the fundraising. We spent a total of 10 000€ on this project, half of which we provided by our own means, and the remaining amount was collected after the project announcement.

We ask Allah to reward and increase in good all those who donated, and we ask for help and support for those who are unable to participate but would love to spend for the sake of Allah.

The aid was distributed in 3 refugee camps:

– Syrian refugee camp in Akkar
– Palestinian refugee camp in Hawr
– Burj al-Baraj camp in the vicinity of Beirut.


Report of the « Lebanon 2018 » project