Education is the foundation stone of the development of society, and Salsabil pays considerable attention to this matter. In African countries, we build mosques where we insert classes. We also provide scholarships to the best students of Islamic universities.

In 2017, we announced a program that supports the Chechen and the Ingush languages. This project is already launched and, with the help of Allah, is showing great progress!

Learning the language of the country one lives in is a tremendously important factor, but so is the knowledge of the mother tongue that additionally represents customs, traditions, culture and religion.

For these very reasons we provide our help to cultural centers of our compatriots in European countries.

Allah’s first word addressed to His Prophet (ﷺ) is sufficient for us to insist on spreading knowledge.

No Prophet has left behind neither dinars, nor dirhams, for the only heritage left is knowledge, and the one who grabs this heritage, has indeed acquired a great share of it, just like the one who provided help and support to someone in acquiring such knowledge!

Your contribution to the “Education” project is an investment in the future! May Allah bless you and your descendants in your deeds, intentions and prayers!