The Salsabil Association places special emphasis on education as itis one of the necessarypillars for the proper economic and social development of a people and an entire country. It goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge, as it forms a solid foundation for personal growth and professional success.

School education provides an environment where students can explore a variety of subjects, develop essential skills, and cultivate qualities uch as curiosity, critical thinking, and resilience. It also prepares individuals to face the challenges of adult life by providing them with social skills, cultural awareness, and tools to solve complex problems.

By promoting and contributing to the reduction of inequalities, school education also fosters social inclusion. In sum, schooleducation is the cornerstone on which individual and collective development rests, playing a crucial role in building a prosperous and enlightened future for all generations.

Today, nearly one in six children cannot read or write. More than 200 million children worldwide lacka ccess to education.

Africa is the continent most affected by the lack of access to education.

Thus, we are building socio-cultural centers in Africa and implementing an educational system. We also assist children in needy countries by providing them with school materials. Additionally, we offer scholarships to students in needy countries who excel in universities.

In 2017, we announced a program to support the teaching of the Chechen and Ingush languages. This project is progressing smoothly and yielding results!

Your contribution and support for education are a certain and noble investment! May your donations and efforts be rewarded !