Peace be upon you.

From January 1st to March 31st, Salsabil has lowered the price for a well in Niger. All the wells that are ordered during this period will only cost 1000 €, and by the will of Allah, they will be delivered quickly.

Previously, our wells in Niger cost 1250 €. This temporary discount was achieved by making a deal with our partners to lower the administration fees. May Allah reward you for your donations, and may He accept from you and us. You can donate on our website:

For more information please contact our project consultant through this number on WhatsApp or Telegram: +33 7 67 76 77 85

If you have already made your decision, please contact our well manager through this number on WhatsApp: +33 6 95 07 77 78, or by E-mail at:

Well construction in Niger for 1000€