Wouldn’t you wish to follow the steps of those who walk towards the best ranks of Paradise, right next to our beloved Prophet ﷺ? If the answer is yes, then please carefully read what follows.

Since October 2018, we are looking for sponsors for the refugees from Syria and Palestine who live in Lebanon. There, the government doesn’t provide any sort of support, and the people do not even have regular housing. The tent camps are established on the lands of local farmers who take a payment for it.

Under the sponsorship of Salsabil there are over 400 orphans in various countries. Nonetheless, there are 200 more in Lebanon, waiting for sincere souls to lighten their burden and take on the few expenses that are necessary for their minimal well-being.

This project requires most of our time, efforts and administrative work. Up until now, we took care of the extra expenses and transferred your donation in total to the children. But now, we are obliged to pay a humanitarian organization that will carry out this project in Lebanon. This is a normal and recurrent practice, but there is one thing to point out.

If we have to pay for the transfer of the allowance, its modest amount will be reduced even more. Therefore, in order to refrain from reducing the donation, we ask you from now on to transfer 40€ instead of 39€ per month. This 1€ will slightly alleviate our expenses for this project.

May Allah reward you abundantly and shower you with His blessings.

Take the first step by visiting our website https://salsabil.info/en/donate/ and make a donation. If something keeps you from proceeding, know that it may be a hindrance between you and Paradise.

For any questions, please contact us on WhatsApp:

Salsabil project consultant: +33 7 67 76 77 85

Manager of the « Orphans » project: +33 7 81 24 95 99

For those who wish to take on a sponsorship for an orphan, the file is available here.

Looking for orphan sponsors