Our water wells

Water is one of the most essential needs for humans, as it is a true source of life. Many aspects of our daily lives, such as hygiene, nutrition, or medical care, would be unimaginable without water. Yet, millions of people around the world do not have access to it, due to factors like drought-prone climate zones, economic failures of states, or infrastructure destruction caused by armed conflicts.

Since its foundation in 2013, the Salsabil Association has been fully committed to fighting the lack of clean water through well construction projects. Indeed, our organization has successfully completed over four thousand wells, improving the living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people.

These well projects are established in extremely remote areas, primarily in Niger and Chad. In these countries, we collaborate with local partners to ensure reliable and trustworthy sources in the geographical areas where well construction is needed.

Once constructed, these wells significantly contribute to the improvement of villagers’ quality of life. Hygiene and food preparation are greatly facilitated by the presence of a water well on-site. The villagers are no longer vulnerable to infectious diseases resulting from consuming non-potable water.

These wells also enable them to avoid long journeys on foot to reach a water source, which can sometimes take up to three days of walking. The arrival of a well in the village is also a significant contribution to the development of the residents’ standard of living, including improvements in infrastructure and the dynamism that water brings.

Furthermore, our local partners conduct regular inspections and keep us informed in case of malfunctions. Moreover, the Salsabil Association covers all necessary expenses related to repair work. This is a commitment we guarantee for all our wells.

Finally, you too can provide a water well and bring life to a village, simply by visiting our “Donate” section.


Niger: 1 250€

Niger is one of the largest countries on the African continent. The Salsabil Association has implemented most of its projects there. The vast majority of Nigeriens live in very difficult conditions, and access to clean water in the country is extremely limited. Well construction in the region began in 2014, and today we still have over a hundred orders in progress. Our wells in Niger are equipped with the best INDIA MARK-2 pumps currently available on the market. With its robust hot-dip galvanized casing, stainless steel 304 cylinder and rods, and high-quality PVC-U pipes, you can be sure to have a durable well!


Chad: 1 700€

The Salsabil Association began well construction in Chad in 2017. Due to the urgent need for water in the country, we are doing our best to draw attention to the local situation. The population is forced to endure dozens of kilometers in search of clean and drinkable water. Unfortunately, the cost of a well in Chad is higher compared to other countries in West Africa. This is due in part to the necessary construction methods, high equipment prices, and greater labor intensity due to the depth of the drilling. Additionally, within one year after your well payment, you can request a report (video, photo, written). You can find an example of the written report on this link.

If you also want to build a well and improve the lives of thousands of people, you can contact us by filling out the form on the CONTACTS section.