In April 2016, the Salsabil Association visited the kingdom of Myanmar, Arakan State for the second time with a food program. Residents of Rohinj, the most oppressed Muslims in the world, do not have any funds to live on.

Rohindji is not recognized by the local authorities as an ethnic group of the country, respectively, officials are not allowing them permission to get citizenship. They do not have legal status, they have no rights to medical care, for education, etc.

In the case of murder, violence or theft, Myanmar law enforcement agencies do not accept complaints from Rohinj residents, their statements and do not bring to justice the guilty ones.

With funds collected during the humanitarian action, the Salsabil Association on site purchased food, and then distributed them in nine villages.

As a result of the humanitarian program launched by the AS, over 2,000 families were provided with food. We express our deep gratitude to all Muslims who help our brothers throughout the world.

May Allah Almighty give you all the good!