Dear brothers and sisters,

With the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Salsabil Association expresses its profound respect and hope in your generosity by announcing the launch of its annual humanitarian campaign. We invite all of you to join this noble cause.

As part of our campaign, we propose :

  • Food baskets at 45 euros to provide our brothers and sisters in need with the necessary food products.
  • Zakat al-Fitr – 7 euros, an obligatory donation to purify the fasting person.
  • Iftar and Kafara at 5 euros, to bring the joy of collective Iftar and support those who need to compensate for missed fasting days.

We are aware that many of our brothers and sisters are going through difficult times. Our goal is to alleviate their burden and bring joy in this sacred month. Your participation and generosity can significantly improve their lives.

For this month of Ramadan, your contribution can be a source of hope. By Divine promise, every donation will be rewarded and multiplied. We urge you to respond to our call and make your donation before April 5th.

Let’s make this Ramadan a special time for those who need our support.

With gratitude,
The Salsabil Association

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