Since 2014, the Salsabil Association has been providing invaluable support to children who have lost their parents. Today, with deep concern, we draw your attention to the issue of orphans in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. A significant number of children, facing the cruelty of war, find themselves confronting terrifying trials.

As part of our new project, we aim to support 150 orphans left homeless during this brutal conflict. Our mission goes beyond merely providing the necessary resources for their survival; we also aspire to instill hope for a brighter future.

We call upon our donors and anyone sensitive to their plight to join us in this noble mission. Your assistance can play a decisive role in these children’s lives. Orphan sponsorship goes beyond meeting their needs; it also encompasses offering them a sense of care and protection. By becoming a sponsor, you can personally engage in the child’s life, ensuring access to education, medical care, and moral support.

Together, we can pave the way for love and hope for every child facing a challenging situation. Your contribution can bring light into their lives, illuminating the path to a better future.

150 Orphans of Palestine_