Salsabil has once again provided aid to the Rohingya people who live in closed camps in the State of Arakan in Burma.

More than 1500 families were given 33 kg of food each. The food baskets consisted of rice, oil, onions, pepper, peas and dried fish, which are part of the basic foods in the region.

From the Zakat fund, Salsabil has distributed money to 100 families in need and requested the local partners to dig a few wells.

The distribution took place in three locations with the steadfast attention and care of the government representatives.

To achieve a humanitarian intervention was not an easy task. The negotiations for a permit took very long. Salsabil has been working in this region since 2015 and we have proven ourselves to be a trustworthy organization, thanks to which we were able to carry out our mission in the country.

This project is always open, and we take donations at any time. According to the amount of donations that come in, we will, by Allah’s permission, regularly support the Rohingya population. We ask Allah to lessen their burden and to accept from everyone who reached out to help them.

We invite you to take a look at our video report about the mission:


Report about project in Burma – March 2019